Are you dissatisfied with your existing IT Support?

Are you paying lots of money on IT and failing to get the service you desire?
Do you struggle to get even small IT problems fixed quickly?

Is this causing expensive interruptions to your business?
Are your systems protected from malicious attacks?

Have you experienced lots of virus attacks and other IT Security problems?
Can your systems cope with sudden data growth explosion?

Could you benefit from having reliable UK System Builder?
Did you know that without Virtualisation your servers are only 20% efficient?

Do you want your company to become more energy efficient?
Do you have high line rental costs?

Are you being charged to much for concurrent international calls?
With everyone talking about moving to the Cloud, do you feel left out?

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Can everyone in your office see and update calendars on the move?

Is your workforce as productive as it could be?
Are you having to constantly invest in maintaining local servers?

Are your files inaccessible from anywhere but your office?

Revolutionalise your pespective

Virtualisation will revolutionise the way your business uses IT. Not only is it secure, but it saves you server space, increases data resilience, facilitates management and speeds up your processes.

Rather than having lots of big physical servers that take up space, generate heat and add huge amounts to your energy bill, virtualisation moves your data and processes to a virtual server. These secure cloud-based servers are hosted on a physical server, and, as you can run multiple virtual servers from a single physical server, this can dramatically reduce both your hardware and operating costs. This is particularly the case because, unlike most physical servers which only use a small percentage of their processing power, virtual servers allow you to consolidate your processes and operate more efficiently.

Virtualisation also makes your business's IT systems much more flexible - you can test new aplications, back up your data securely and even migrate your virtual servers with the minimum of effort. Better still, service interruptions are reduced because multiple servers run your applications, meaning that if one fails another can easily take its place.

Businesses all over the world are waking up to the huge benefits that virtualisation can bring. In the UK, 91% of the FTSE 100 use VMware and, whatever your business, this technology can decrease your hardware and software costs by 40% and your operating costs by up to 70%*.

If you would like to try this internationally-recognised tool for success yourself, we can provide a range of virtualisation options that are tailored to fit the needs of your business. We can help you consolidate your hardware, transfer your data to secure virtual solutions and bring your business into the 21st century.

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